Sprig Sugar Free THC Soda

Sprig Sugar Free Soda

Sprig THC has a new look and it not only includes an improved design and flavor, but also a brand new sugar free version. This new option has zero sugar but 45mg of THC in every 12 oz can. Each can is only 5 calories and is sweetened using natural Stevia and colored using organic vegetable juice and beta carotene. The cannabis oil used to infuse the soda is safely and carefully extracted from California grown cannabis to ensure a consistent experience with no unwanted ingredients.Sprig Soda is an easy and casual way to medicate and enjoy cannabis without smoking or having to eat anything and is a great alternative to alcohol for anyone who just loves the feeling of having a drink in their hand but would appreciate a safer way of obtaining a head change by use of beverage. The flavor is fruity but subtle and reminiscent of sweet grapefruit. If you’re a lightweight when it comes to cannabis, start with a third of a can and wait thirty minutes. This is also a great product for beginners who are new to cannabis and for pairing with a nice meal. Visit drinksprig.com for more info and find out how you can be drinking Sprig of your own soon.

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