Foluri 30mg Topical Massage Candle

Foluri Topical Cannabis Infused Massage Candle - Edibles Magazine Editors Pick Featured Review Oklahoma

The Foluri Candle, with its slow burn and lower burning temperature, is the perfect thing to treat yourself with if you’re looking for something to ease your pain or simply help you relax. It can be used for intimate purposes (though not as a lubricant), regular massages, or just as a candle. We know what you’re thinking, will inhaling its fumes get me high? The answer is no. The Foluri Candle is meant to be an infused topical massage product.

The specific scent of the candle is Red Currant, a citrusy and acidic member of the gooseberry family. The candle also contains beeswax which can neutralize pollutants when burned, such as dust, odors, and mold, by releasing negative ions into the local environment. With spring coming, this can be helpful to those with allergies and asthma. 

Not only does this help with the air quality, but beeswax as a topical is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and can seal moisture into the skin. As a person with eczema, it quite helps to relieve the redness and dryness on my hands and shins. The Shea butter and almond oil help to keep my skin feeling soft. 

The warmth of the wax when it drips on my skin is soothing and adds an extra layer of comfort. When melted, the texture is sleek and creamy and has a light sweet citrus scent.  The THC helps to further relax my muscles when my partner gives me a shoulder or a foot rub. The Foluri Topical Massage has approximately 8-10 hours of burn time, which is more than enough to set the mood, and 30mg of THC. 

Anna Mae

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