Medicine Woman 4-Pack Pre-Rolls Review

Edibles Magazine Reviews Medicine Woman Pre-roll 4-Pack packaging and pre-roll

I had heard of The Medicine Woman products before out in California. They are known for their high quality live resin vape cartridges. I was very excited to see at CannaCon that they have now launched their products in Oklahoma.

The Medicine Woman Pre-Roll 4-pack is the best if you’re looking for an on the go, quick smoke. Lately I’ve been taking walks at night to avoid the sweltering sunlight that we’ve been experiencing and I took with me the Medicine Woman pre-roll. Walking down the river I accidentally dropped my joint, luckily the cute little inner glass tubes the pre-rolls are individually packaged in are sturdier than I thought.

As a person who can only smoke about a half gram to gram at a time, the half gram pre-rolls are the perfect size for a leisurely stroll. The high quality flower was smooth when smoked and perfectly rolled. It had piney and earthy notes that paired perfectly with the smell of the trees by the river. I could also tell that it was high quality premium flower and not just water leaf trim.

What really stands out is the high quality and attention-to-detail in the packaging. The box the pre- rolls come in has a nice matte finish the gold leafing. It feels classy to the touch and a good looking way of carrying around your pre-rolls without collecting another plastic doob tube. The glass tube with cork top also keeps the flower in the joint fresher than aregular plastic doob tube. The best part about the packaging is that it comes with matches and on the top of the box there’s a match strike surface, where you can light your joints with matches to get a better taste of the true flavors of the flower.

Why get 1 pre-roll when you can get 4? They’re great for sharing and for social distancing. I can’t wait to try their live resin vape cartridges. Check them out online at:

Lynn You

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