Organitips, Wood Tips, Wood Filters & Hemparillo Hemp Blunt Wraps

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Our favorite new reusable crutches are the Organitips ® Original Wood Rolling Tips. Perfect to use on joints, blunts, wraps, canna-cigars, and any other rolling materials. We met these guys at The Big Show in Los Angeles and they were very cool. You can order the Original Organitips style filters in a 250 piece Jar for $110.00 with FREE shipping at They also come honey or grape flavored, but the ones we’ve been using to smoke were the original wood tips.

Everytime I roll a blunt or joint, I always try and put a filter on it. Originally that was to conserve weed. Wooden Organitips do that, and also enhance airflow, heat dissipation, and flavor. The wood tip won’t last forever, but is probably good for around 7-10 uses.

We used them with the Hemparillo Hemp Wraps by Royal Blunts, another product we picked up at the LA Big Show. Hemparillos are all natural hemp wraps designed as a healthier alternative to using a tobacco leaf cigar paper when rolling blunts. Despite the known dangers of tobacco, many cannabis aficionados most love putting top shelf flower inside a store bought, split and emptied cigar paper made from a tobacco leaf. I love them, you love them, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk love them, but technically they’re not exactly good for you. There’s still a bit of nicotine there in that paper, which is what’s so special about the Hemparillo wraps – they’re 100% nicotine free because they’re 100% hemp. Like the back of the Hemparillo Royal Blunts package says: “Hemp is a renewable source for raw materials that can be incorporated into thousands of products.”

We rolled these sweet wrappers around some freshly ground Original Jack Herer ™ flower in both the Russian Cream and the Berries flavor. Unlike the old fashioned tobacco free hemp wraps of yester-year, which kind of stank to be honest and wouldn’t ever really close or hold together, these new Hemp wraps close very well and stay held together until the end. Less coughing, and zero tar in a smooth and slow burning smoke with no runners. Try the hemp wraps paired with the wooden tip filters and your favorite flower. You’ll be really glad you did and might even want to make it your main thing. Check out for all the available flavors.

Jack Paradise

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