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Edibles Magazine Pride Legacy Vape Review

When I need a break from flower, I turn to vapes and edibles. When Pride Wellness’ Legacy vape cartridge came my way, I was excited to try it based on the founders’ story alone.

According to their website,, it all began in 2015 when well-known activists, artists, and friends Buck Angel and Leon Mostovoy talked about their dogs who both suffered from seizures and how CBD was able to quell them. As they learned more about the medicinal effects of CBD and started talking to LGBT seniors who use cannabis in order to create products designed with the LGBT community in mind. With their soft-launch back in 2017, Pride Wellness continues to provide products like Transformation CBD drink mix, Buckshot CBD energy drink, Buck’s Balm Topical, and Legacy Vape Pen Cartridges for anyone interested in finding a more natural way of healing as opposed to prescription painkillers and the like.

Which is where we land with the Legacy vape cartridge I received. The cartridge was filled to the brim with the “Skittles” (rainbow, HA) and was big and beautiful so you CAN “clutch purse” or “back pocket” this one, but be sure to treat it with the respect it deserves. The taste was smooth, sweet, and blissfully absent of that “terpy” aftertaste. Depending on how big of a pull you take, I found Legacy to be smooth on the throat and even brought out the taste of the coffee I was drinking alongside it. The QR code on every product will show you the results of testing from Cannalysis Labs. If you’re curious to see how this one rated, you can see it HERE!

Edible's Magazine Legacy Cart C02 Review

As someone who lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I felt the magic work within a few puffs and did wonders for my joint pain and my constant stomach pain, as well as ease my mind from the massive headache that was brewing before I “plugged in” this lovely strain into my pen. There are times where my stomach will cramp so badly that even the idea of food is horrific and while it DID make me peckish enough to eat a little rice pudding, it DIDN’T make me want to go out and eat the world like Lizzie from the 1986 video game classic, Rampage.

Pride Wellness also scores a HUGE amount of cool points for the fact that one dollar from every purchase of their products goes to the Los Angeles LGBT Center Senior Services Department.

If you’d like to peruse their wares, head on over to their website! In the meanwhile, I give Pride Wellness’ Legacy vape cartridge in Skittles a 5/5!

Crix Lee

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