Infinity Brand Infinite Lemon Disposable Vapes

Infinity Brand Infinite Lemon Disposable Vapes

Infinity brand vapes are a nice new introduction to the world of disposable handheld vaporizers. Each direct inhale unit contains 330mg of strain specific cannabis oil and has a 280mah automated lithium battery that applies convection technology with an air pressure sensor making it easy to use.

These vape pens are easy to hold due to the uniquely extra textural and tactile feel of the pen grip surface. The shape is oval instead of circular, so if you set it down it lies flat and can’t roll away and the pens are made of durable quality metal that prevents breakage while in your pocket. They’re pretty lightweight too at only a half of an ounce.

The Lemon Sativa produced a relaxing and heavy body sensation and the strain has an aroma and aftertaste similar to a lemon drop candy. Lemon Sativa is great for patients and recreational users who would like to relax while reading, hiking, or going out to see live music as they’re enjoying happy, energetic, yet mellow feelings from this citrus flavored tropical blend. The pen is a bright yellow with an infinity shaped viewing window and a tip that glows when you pull. The built-in oil basket will not leak, no matter how long you leave it in the sun and every piece packs at least 250 THC filled puffs.

Infinity Vapes are also available in Indica OG, Lime Sativa, and even CBD. Infinite oil formulations are smooth, rich in full spectrum terpenes and always lab tested. Check out infinitybrandsinc.com for more information.

Patrick Ian Moore

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