Mainstream Media Acknowledges Cannabis Safety is About User Responsibility

Megyn Kelly at the TODAY Show on NBC recently covered a segment with Jacob Soboroff covering California’s Green Rush. Jacob goes to Dessert Hot Springs interviewing new licensees and reporting on the increase in “green zoned” real estate. In the last minute of the segment, Megyn acknowledges that cannabis safety, regardless of packaging, is about user responsibility. She uses my favorite analogy about how guns are allowed in our homes, and it’s up to the parents to keep their children safe.

This appears to be a major windfall of overall cannabis acceptance especially after Jeff Sessions repealed the Cole Memo, revoking protections from the Obama era for Federal prosecution in states with medical marijuana regulations. Cannabis has become quite the hot topic.

Last week Jimmy Kimmel sent Guillermo to MedMen in West Hollywood to check out their recreational store, licensed and legal for adult use cannabis purchases.

Netflix also premiered a documentary titled “The Legend of 420,” which features all of our friends in the industry and gives a great 101 to the start of the end of prohibition, but fails to ever tell you about the actual Legend of 420 and how that started.

We are going to start seeing an influx of celebrity names and more mainstream acceptance now that legalization is taking place in California. I refer to it in the current tense as most of the industry is going through a growing pain phase where only a handful of cities are actually online for adult-use.

B. Le Grand

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