Nevada to Begin Recreational Cannabis Sales Next Month

Nevada, the 7th state to legalize recreational marijuana, is set to sell recreational cannabis to anyone 21 and older this July. With tourism expected to be over forty million visitors this year, the state could be ready for the height of the season.

Nevada’s recreational cannabis industry is projected to pass seven and a half billion dollars within its first seven years, where the law now permits adults to possess up to an ounce of cannabis and/or up to 3.5 grams of con

Not only can any adult now carry cannabis worry-free, they may also grow up to six plants in their home, and give away their weed for free if they want.

Cannabis social clubs just passed the Nevada senate last week, helping visitors out of the once restrictive use in only private residences. Currently, there are no other approved public social clubs in any other state. That sounds like a whole lot of fun! Can’t wait to take a tour of these clubs next time I’m in town.

Recently, liquor wholesale distributors have filed a motion to stop medical dispensaries from distributing cannabis. The distribution model could be used without current alcohol distributors, but the alcohol distributors are trying to delay the start of what will benefit the whole state, recreational cannabis. Supposedly, the public will be able to comment on the matter.

Darcy Thompson

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