Product Review: Populum Premium Hemp Oil Tincture – 500mg

I had spent all morning to afternoon sitting in a car for 6 hours and then from afternoon to evening hauling my belongings into my new abode. Needless to say, my lower back was NOT happy with me. My cousin then handed me this bottle of Populum brand Premium Hemp Oil with the assurance that I’ll feel as good as new. With my favorite fruit oranges being listed as one of the ingredients, I considered it an endeavor worth taking.

The aroma of the tincture was a melange of the sweet citrus and a hint of virgin olive oil. The moment the first drop hit under my tongue, my brain was instantly stimulated by the flavor. As soon, as I swished the oil around my cheeks, my whole mouth was awash with fruity goodness. My saliva easily absorbed the oil, allowing me the ease of swallowing without any aftertaste. After fifteen to half-an-hour, the muscles throughout my body relaxed and my lower back muscles lost most of the aching and tension, which was a message from the nerves that they’ve forgiven me.

Populum has created a product that gives their users a sense of control of their body’s functions. I plan to continue the use of their product in order to conduct a full-fledged review of their product’s efficacy. The oil’s taste and texture were more than enough to have me sold, let’s see if the effects are just as good.

L.C. Squared

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