CannaMantra at the Nexus Lounge

CannaMantra at the Nexus Lounge

Vuela agency held its very first CannaMantra event last month at the Nexus Social Lounge located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.With art installations by Tory Dipietro and floral arrangements by the flower Daddy,Vuela not only creates a visually stimulating environment,but also combines the Zen nature of yoga and the stress relief of cannabis,to creates a perfect venue to guide you to your happy place.

First on the docket was a joint rolling workshop taught by none other than the @pothead.princess Jessica.Vuela provided complimentary raw papers,pre rolled filters,grinder, and cannabis,to give you all the tools to succeed. As someone who has decided to take shortcuts by way of joint rollers,it was fun to finally learn the basics of rolling a good joint.Jessica reminded us the perks of learning to roll joints,”If it’s not perfect the first time,then you get to roll another one!”,and after tries ,a few joints and a fair amount of help from Vuela’s very helpful and interactive staff, I can proudly say I learned how to roll the perfect joint.

After enjoying your newly rolled joint, guests are invited to indulge in their urges to munch on the spread of cookies,fruits and other great snacks and refreshments.For the second part of the evening guests were treated to a “slow burn” yoga experience led by Krysta (@kay_danai). Whether you’re completely new to yoga like yours truly,or a limber veteran, the class caters to both to ensure a great stretch . Once you’ve completely relaxed your body, Krysta then leads you through a deep meditation that calms the mind.

Once good and relaxed,guests were encouraged to hang out and enjoy their gift bags with treats from BAMF Extracts, Field extracts, Fruit Slabs, Puffco, Raw and Gold Drop.Some of whom had booths there and were happy to share their knowledge about the great products that they provided.With your ticket you are also entered in the raffle where one lucky guest had a chance to win a PuffCo Peak vaporizer.Though I didn’t win the Vaporizer, a free spa day isn’t so bad either.

Besides helping me have the best sleep I have had in a long time,Vuela also succeeded in bringing both talented ambassadors and companies together, and bringing the cannabis community together for a night of fun and relaxation.

John Benevides

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