Cheryl Shuman Launches New Cannabis Business Crowd-Funding Platform

Cheryl Shuman

Edibles List 4:20 issue Cover Star, Cheryl Shuman (marijuana millionaire mom), has announced her latest brainchild,, launching the marijuana industry’s very first crowdfunding for the green rush platform. Cheryl’s, (presently in beta), as she put’s it on her new web site, “is a crowdsourcing platform helping people in the Cannabis industry connect, grow businesses and basically make things happen in the world of Cannabis around the world.” Connecting new businesses with investors, allowing for capital funding and business growth.

Cheryl is the founder of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, has profited immensely from the recent marijuana boom (or as she likes to refer to her business – the “Pot Com Boom”). She has gained extensive knowledge and experience in her field. With, “the early adopters and investors that get in now will be the Billionaires of the industry in the very near future,” says Cheryl. “…Our business development division matches entrepreneurs with funding. We are the pioneers blazing the trail.”

Cheryl is continuously paving the way for marijuana normalcy by carving out her niche in Beverly Hills, with steadfast motives to allow cannabis to truly be a financially massive addition to the economy, as well as an invaluable medical remedy.

The legal marijuana market is expected to rise 64% to $2.34 billion in 2014, up from $1.44 billion. Investors seeking new ventures need look no further, as marijuana’s value is increasing quickly and exponentially. Shuman states, “I’m thrilled to help build these new companies and watch millionaires in the making working with them on their media, branding and political strategies as they go through the crowdfunding process.”



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