Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Sales Expected To Double From 2019

Since launching their program in 2018, 2020’s Oklahoma medical cannabis sales are expected to reach right around $800 million and according to The Oklahoman’s analysis of data from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, had already reached a staggering $385 million by the end of June of this year; a rough equivalent to the state’s total sales in 2019.

The Marijuana Business Factbook found the numbers to be consistent with their own: projecting Oklahoma medical marijuana sales will reach “$700 million-$860 million in 2020 (compared with an estimated $345 million in 2019).”

Oklahoma declared medical marijuana businesses as essential during the pandemic, allowing dispensaries to provide curbside-pickup services to patients, with dispensaries across the state experiencing an increased spike in sales during the early stage of the coronavirus outbreak (from stocking up), and leveling out by June.

As we dive deeper into this pandemic, the only businesses we may have to save our respective states are these dispensaries. Let’s hope January brings us a breath of fresh air and get us back to the things we love to do.

By Crix Lee

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