“Never allow anyone to limit you, don’t accept ‘No’ as an answer & always trust your instincts.”

THE DEFIANT PATIENT – Brianna works as an Executive Assistant and right hand – to Abdul, the owner of Remedy Plus, an edible company specializing in gummies. In fact, Bri and Abdul knew each other from the “real world” before cannabis. They were co-workers in an admissions office for a college. In fact, when Abdul began Remedy, he tried to get Bri on his team, but she just was not comfortable with the industry yet.

Midway through Bri’s undergraduate studies, she had to put her education and career on hold to become a full-time patient. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) along with an autoimmune disease. Several diagnoses later, not only did doctors find a pituitary tumor, they found a tumor on the left cerebellum.

After her diagnosis, Bri went through several surgeries. Naturally, Bri was put on a pharmaceutical regiment that left her sick and unable to have a functioning life, so she decided to take herself off the medicine. Four months later, she went in to see her doctor. She described the scenario to me, “My doctor ordered an MRI and told me that I had responded to medicine because my tumor had shrunk. I kind of laughed and told her for the first time that I hadn’t taken my medicine in four months and that I had been smoking cannabis every night. We then proceeded to get into a full-blown argument and she told me was playing Russian roulette with my life, and that I was gambling on something with no medical benefits or research.”

Bri is a powerhouse, I happen to know she just recently underwent another brain surgery and within two days was emailing and carrying on as if it were business as usual. Bri is one of those people that has truly overcome trials and tribulations utilizing cannabis. She went on to tell me she cannot really smoke anymore because coughing bothers her head, so Remedy Plus gummies are getting her through.

If you are interested in more information about Bri or Remedy Plus please go to:
IG: @RemedyPlus_
Twitter: @RemedyPlus_

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