Canna Oil

canna oil

Any recipe that calls for an oil or fat can be modified to use canna oil or canna butter. You can buy canna oil or canna butter at your friendly neighborhood medical marijuana co-op or try your hand at making your own. Here are recipes for the basics to get you started. When cooking or baking with oil most recipes call for a third cup of oil. The ratio used for oil is 3 eighths (10-11 grams of cannabis) to one cup of oil.


1 ounce of ground dried buds, shake or trim.
3 cups of vegetable oil, olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, or grape seed oil (you pick)
Crockpot with a ‘low’ setting (best without automatic shut-off)
Fine metal strainer & cheesecloth

* Put marijuana in crockpot and pour oil over marijuana
* Turn crockpot to ‘WARM’ setting and let simmer for 6-12 hours, stirring often
* Turn off crockpot and let cool for at least 30 minutes
* Place cheesecloth over metal strainer, and strain into glass container
* Squeeze as much oil out of the cheesecloth as you can, then discard plant matter

You should now have at least 2.5 cups of amber-tinted cannabis-infused oil.

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