Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that cannabis isn’t limited to any one gender. Both men and women can benefit from the medicinal, therapeutic and recreational benefits that the plant is capable of providing. However, much of the conversation around cannabis in modern culture has revolved around male-centric or unisex concerns. The truth is there are a number of ways in which women uniquely benefit. This article is a look at opportunities and situations where, if you are a woman with these female-centric concerns, you can potentially find new opportunities or solutions for yourself.

Reasons To Consume
Menstrual cramps can be a debilitating problem for some women. The related pain and duration of incidence can be enough to impair their ability to work and engage in day-to-day functions. As with any illness, society’s primary goal for patients is pain relief and improving function in society. In addition to its long-standing reputation as a general cramp pain reliever that female cannabis-consumers worldwide can attest to, efforts are being made into creating menstrual-cramp specific cannabis-based treatments. In addition to the standard ways to relieve menstrual cramps using marijuana products, there are also efforts at targeted products like suppositories, such as the Foria Relief pill, which offers 60mg of THC and 10mg of CBD per dose (this is 6x the recommended dosage in most medical states, and such a product should only be used by those with experience and a tolerance).

Both men and women can experience eating disorders, and we encourage anybody who fears they may have one to contact a medical professional directly. However, for those women looking to tilt their appetite a bit in one direction or another, cannabis can be just the thing they’re looking for. Cannabis usage has been tied to healthier body mass, as people who consume are more likely to fall into their respective medical body mass index (BMI).

Reasons To be In The Industry
The burgeoning cannabis industry is one that still seems to be driven by small business owners, a category where women and minorities are more likely to be represented and given a fair shake, and in growing numbers. In industries where monolithic businesses are allowed to thrive- see the beer industry, for example- power tends to coagulate into the hands of a few powerful and extremely wealthy men.

Thanks to the decentralized and young nature of this industry, the cannabis industry is one where women-owned businesses are managing to make a lot of headway. Considering that cannabis is already a billion dollar a year industry and growing, right now is the perfect time for women to get in and make their mark.

Researchers from Washington State University found results that prove more women should be smoking more cannabis. While looking to find out the effectiveness of the plant’s pain-healing qualities over time, the university found that women are 30 percent more susceptible to the pain-healing effects of weed than their male counterparts. They also found that this just builds up their tolerance. After conducting experiments on female rats who have a menstrual cycle similar to that of women, the researchers found that compared to males, females needed to up their dose of THC after only 10 days of cannabis exposure. Since women get higher, they build a higher (pun intended) tolerance to it. Thus, the mystery behind why your stoner girlfriend can out smoke you is finally solved.

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