Cannabis Supper Club: A Dream Come True

Cannabis Supper Club: A Dream Come True

As growth, change and cannabis legalization are coming to fruition, some of us are realizing that our dreams are about to come true. Over two years ago Marc Leibel dreamt of a curated culinary supper that highlighted the flower and tantalized the taste of each course with the perfect puff. On a perfect summer Saturday night, with the balmy ocean breeze starting to cool off the heat of the day I was honored to attend the inaugural event by the Cannabis Supper Club. An enchanting evening where cultivated flowers were paired with a seven course gourmet meal.

The setting was a private location with charming engaging hosts at the entrance. Rustic décor was displayed with specially chosen vendors whose products were matched to accompany the dinner to perfection. Daron Story, who represented WonderBrett, shared that the cultivator had carefully chosen each flower to enhance each course of our meal.

The earthy setting was a long table beautifully set that had six tiny jars careful lined up with a personal pipe and the menu of seven courses listing each course with the paired flower. Chef Rocco presented our first course: Shigoku Oyster with yuzu honeydew granita and micro mint. The second course was a Grilled Peach & Frisee’ Salad paired with the flower Candyland as Darren felt the essence of the flower sent well with the togarashi spice and basil oil within the dressing for the salad. With each bite, inhalation and savoring moments of the combination was developing the Supper Club to be more than one person’s dream come true. Being a vegetarian both Chef Rocco and Marc accommodated me and I didn’t feel deprived at all. I was inhaling deeply with each course, what more could a Sativa Foodie Lady experience of ignis fatuus than on this dinner.

Of the celebratory epicurean guest were Dr. Johnathan Cachat and lovely wife Hannah who were visiting from Ohio. Dr. Cachat is a well-known authority of lighting levels for optimum plant growth, Jay O’Keeffe of Baily’s Dog CBD, Winn Sawyer of Innovative Edibles Nume, Marie Sabler of Speakeasy shared the effective CBD to the appreciative diners, Stephen Beyer of Func Art Gallery one of the premium glass art galleries in Southern California. Stephen had amazing pieces of the exquisite glass art on display throughout the Cannabis Supper Club. Presentations by a beautiful cannabis couple Mike and Laura Teague of Scorpion Coffee and their quality vape cartridges were also a cherished factor of the illuminating dinner. Each representative shared a heartfelt story of connection with the plant, family and community and it made it meaningful and poignant. Thus giving guests knowledge and appreciation of the connection of cannabis and substantial understanding to the desires that Marc wanted to share with us of his vision and dream.

The other amazing courses that tantalized our oral fixations were Legume Risotto, paired with a flower of Lemon Juice, the basil oil really made the fava bean and snap peas come alive in each bite. Shhh don’t tell anyone as I licked my plate when no one was looking. Pacific Halibut was matched with the flower Strawberry Bubblegum, and Flank Steak with the flower Orange Banana. Chef Rocco knew his skills as the meat was so tender he didn’t even have a steak knife on the table as many of the Cannabis Supper Club guests said the beef melted in their mouth. The dessert of Mango Panna Cotta with Kiwi Gelee’ we smoked with a Pineapple OG! The artist who created the menu was Chef Rocco whose culinary bio of award winning restaurants was apparent for each taste was adding to my dream coming true. That Marc’s vision was in tune with the guests, the flower and highlighted by Chef Rocco’s creative menu that made each inhalation of cannabis flower come alive for a gourmandizing combination of the Cannabis Supper Club.

The next Cannabis Supper Club event will be held in Santa Monica, California on August 24th. Please you Foodie brothers and sisters go logo on to www.cannabissupperclub.com and book your place at a feast of the cannabis senses that will have your taste buds in an orgasmic crescendo of nirvana. www.cannabissupperclub.com

Keiko Beatie

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