Creative Cannabis Meals for 2022!

Creative Cannabis Meals for 2022!

Creative Canna Recipes to Try in 2022

What are you going to do to make your 2022 memorable? Kick-start your 2022 with some new infused foods and drinks. Our many Cannabis recipes are a great place to start. Read on below to find your canna obsession for this year. 

  1. Irreplaceable Cannabutter

Cannabis has invaded the culinary world at a skyrocketing speed. Many restaurants and chefs have come up with their unique recipes to help canna-lovers enjoy food and weed at the same time. Cannabutter is one of the most prominent ingredients of canna cuisine. You can cook almost anything with cannabutter since it’s a mandatory ingredient for an endless list of dishes. Cannabis is decarboxylated through a low and slow heating process that activates the THC and other Cannabinoids before it is infused with the butter which maximizes the effects of the plant. 

  1. Canna Lollipops

Who said that lollipops are only for kids? There are some excellent infused lollipops for adults too! They can bring you sweet memories from your childhood and if you don’t have such memories, it is never too late to create them. Buying a lollipop could also be a good gesture that can allow you to make friends with other canna lovers. They are also perfect for on the go medicating because of their discreet size and sweet taste for those who need a quick snack. Always dose responsibly!

  1. Tea with Cannabis

Tea with cannabis would come to substitute the ordinary tea you usually drink in the evening or before going to bed. This combination can be a beautiful and calming treat before bed. This is because the chemical compounds in cannabis can help to get better sleep or to sleep longer than you usually do. You can pair cannabis with some nerve-soothing plants like lavender and chamomile and make a delicious calming tea. If you live in California, you can get in touch with dispensaries offering weed delivery in San Francisco to indulge in warm scents of canna tea in no time. 

  1. Una Pizza, Por Favor

Of course, something as good as cannabis couldn’t help but get mixed with something as mouth-watering as pizza. If there is pizza with pineapple, there also has to be pizza for canna lovers. Gourmets love infusing with oil as THC gets right into the crust, but you shouldn’t expect to get the same immediate high as you would in the case of sweets or cookies. The body often needs more time to digest the pizza, so feel free to eat it with friends. 

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