Dark Chocolate Raspberry Doughnuts by Strictly Edibles

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Doughnuts by Strictly Edibles

Strictly Edibles dark chocolate raspberry doughnuts come in a pack of three with 600mg of hash coconut oil. The Indica hybrid treats have top-notch packaging, with clear dosage information right on the front. Solvent free and the size of standard small doughnuts, they can be sealed for freshness if you can’t consume them all at once. One has to appreciate how professional their packaging is with a bar code and even their phone number if you need to contact them directly, sometimes this can be hard in the cannabis community. Although they aren’t organic and a mix of natural and artificial flavoring, they are far from having that terrible fake taste of some candies and baked goods. They taste like they are made from high-grade raw materials.

When you open the bag they instantly smell good and are invitingly consistent looking. I’m happy there are three to a bag and they aren’t giant. Pink on the inside and smooth dark chocolate on the outside, they remain moist even after opening and re-opening over a few days. You can taste the cannabis flavor, but it isn’t overpowering. The chocolate was smooth and not too sweet as well as the dough. There was no grittiness or terrible aftertaste.

The high came on within the first twenty minutes and I could feel the mellow Indica vibe for the rest of the night as I continued to up the amount consumed every hour. My need to smoke or dab decreased for the night as well as into the next day. I would almost call it a gentle creeper high and there was no problem with an edible hang over, however I consumed less than a quarter of one. Anyone who loves doughnuts will appreciate the array of flavors and quality of these products. I’ll keep testing the dosage to see what my limit is, so far up to a quarter of one at a time. These cheerful treats made my weekend a lot happier.

Darcy Thompson

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