Easy Butter Maker Product Review

Easy Butter Maker Product Review

Who enjoys making edibles? The public has a growing interest of the creation of cannabis edibles. Whether it be making the traditional brownie, chocolate chip cookie or the gourmet béchamel white sauce you may need some infused butter, oil or canna milk to assist with the cannabis integration. For those of you have the time and patience to make this it is fun and rewarding. But do you have the time and patience in our impactful days?

The Easy Butter Maker will make butter, oil and even canna milk in a stainless steel carafe that within 2 hours has you infusing foods. Very easy use is this handy machine, easy to clean and within a short amount of time this gaiety product will have you drizzle butter your popcorn. I have used other infused butter making machines and I love to know of the big brand name of butter/oil maker that have influenced the home chefs make their own butter and oil.
Easy Butter Maker comes in two sizes and the price is very user friendly. The smaller unit is able to make 1 Cup of butter and it even comes with a mold to pour the butter into for a look of a stick of cannabutter. The most impressive fact is that the smaller Easy Butter Maker unit retails at $49.95. That price is a huge difference as comparison to the other butter/oil making appliances.

Recently the company has been transferred to a new owner who we here at Edibles Magazine met at the Las Vegas Champs Show. Their support to the growth of edibles is apparat by working to keep cost down while having a desire to connect to the cannabis cooking industry. Besides the great product that is well made is that Easy Butter has a great a replacement policy guarantee and if your unit is having ay issues you will may contact the owners ad receive a new unit. No other appliance company of this nature offers this type of guarantee So get your Easy Butter Maker and enjoy making your infused salad dressing, or even a summer tomato sauce.

Visit their website at www.easybutterco.com

Keiko Beatie

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