Edible Feature: The Herb Smith

When you think of “gourmet edibles,” The Herb Smith is what you should be thinking of. The Herb Smith is a concentrate and edible company based out of Los Angeles, Calif. Their goal is to make delicious lab tested edibles with proper dosing. The Herb Smith’s edibles are high-quality, fast-acting and include strain-specific kief and concentrates along with organic ingredients. Their edibles are truly delicious and somehow they’ve found a way to make them barely even taste like weed. The Medlano is reminiscent of the “Milano” cookie made by Pepperidge Farms. It’s a delectable chocolate-filled shortbread cookie sandwich with just the proper dosing. Each container contains 7 convenient cookies at 25mg each, for a total of 175mg. Medlanos are available in Sour OG and God’s Gift. They are recommended for pain management, appetite loss, nerve tension, and insomnia patients.

The Crowns are made of a rich European chocolate shell filled with caramel and finished with a layer of candied almonds on top. The container comes with 3 pieces at 40mg each, totaling 120mg. The owner of the company suggests eating the Crowns upside down so you get the full experience of the candied almonds first, then the chocolate, then the caramel. The Crowns are recommended for daytime medicating, pain, and anxiety. This one is available in Blue Diesel and Sour OG. The third and most unique in The Herb Smith’s portfolio of cannabis product is their concentrate called Essence. There has been growing concern about the safety of concentrates. Essence was co-developed by The Werc Shop, the California based testing facility, using Cannaroma technology. It’s a solventless concentrate that can be dabbed, vaporized and even orally consumed. It’s guaranteed to be free of solvents and contaminants.

When smoking a butane hash oil extraction, or what we commonly refer to as “wax,” if the product is not purged correctly there can still be plant lipids (plant matter), contaminants or mold left in the concentrate. When that plant matter is smoked it stays in the lungs creating a residual build up that is detrimental to the user’s health, and worse for the smoker than smoking bud flowers. That is why a solventless concentrate is better for your health. Essence contains the same terpene profile as the flower strains they are named for, Jack Herer Buds (not wax) and Skywalker OG. Terpenes are compounds found in the essential oils of all plants, including cannabis, and contribute to smell and flavor characteristics. The Cannaroma technology has been developed to replace some of the terpenes lost during the extraction process, making the product closer to it’s original essence after it’s been processed. On average Essence tests 70% THC by weight.

Essence is already activated, meaning usually the THC product has to be heated in order to release the THC and produce the “high” effect. If orally consumed, it’s recommended to mix it with oils or dairy (lipids) for maximum absorption. Effects should take place within 30-45 minutes when eaten.

Check out more online at: TheHerbSmith.com


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