Edible Review: Casa Luna – Organic Dark Chocolate

This was a top shelf chocolate bar, even without the cannabis. Smooth and slow melting as all fine chocolate should be. The Casa Luna bar is segmented into six 20mg pieces. Each piece is about 5 grams of chocolate and enough to medicate for a little over an hour. Savory dark chocolate tang is followed by a minty cannabis taste. This chocolate bar is almost reminiscent of Andes Mints with a smoother texture. As a chocolate lover, my immediate desire was to eat the entire bar. Personally experiencing menses and slight dysmenorrhea (PMS) this was the perfect solution. I am a big believer that mental stress can put further stress on physical problems. I found this chocolate bar to lighten the mental stress, almost balancing hormones and releasing tension — possibly both at the same time. This is my personal experience at 5’5” early 30s, and 125 lbs. Dosage can always vary based on the varying sizes of individual patients.

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