On Saturday, June 13th, the first of potentially many annual “Get Baked Sale” events occurred in San Francisco. Hosted within the city’s famous SOMA StrEatFood Park, the occasion drew together members of the medical cannabis community from across the state to focus on one specific form of medicinal cannabis, infused edibles. Edibles Magazine was invited to attend, and we had a one-of-a-kind experience.

We arrived midway throughout the day-long event at the cozy outdoor space of the StrEatFood Park. Although the place was still bustling with activity, we had missed the morning’s pancake breakfast rush, which had drawn the largest crowds. Surrounding a number of ordinary food trucks, purveyors occupied booths and the venue’s (immobile) busses to vend their wares and inform attendees of their services. In addition to edible producers, a number of dispensaries, delivery services, and lifestyle products were on display. Some attendees casually puffed on pipes and joints while walking about the more open spaces, while others sipped, slurped, and munched on every type of food under the sun.

Although technically billed as an event for patients and non-patients alike, scant activities and services were available for attendees lacking the seemingly-ubiquitous colored wristbands that denoted a medical patient. While various booths did offer “Carnival Games”, for the most part this amounted to spinning a prize wheel and receiving discounts or free samples.

For attendees who did partake of samples and products for sale, their biggest concerns would have to be a low tolerance; most samples and products contained at least one dose of 10mg, with some products ranging all the way up to 1,000mg for patients with more extreme conditions.

However, there seemed to be almost a split mind guiding the crowd, with people from all walks of life. In addition to all the more lighthearted products and services, the community and attendees mostly seemed focused on one thing, getting the patients the medicine that best served their particular needs and conditions. A number of vendors expressed their conviction in the event, claiming they made an extra effort to attend due to the emphasis on edibles, the safest and most reliable form of cannabis consumption. There were a number of vendors advertising and selling high-CBD and non-psychoactive products aimed at inflammation. There were medicated Italian sodas and multiple types of ice creams. Cookie doughs, cakes, syrups, and even medicated salt were put on display. Indeed, there were simply too many variety of edibles in this one place to list them, and everyone seemed eager to help patients find the treatment they needed, even when it wasn’t with their product, directing people to other booths. Rather than the more chaotic feel of the larger and more general interest events, I walked away from the whole experience feeling more like I had attended a rather pleasant, if somewhat rough around the edges, farmer’s market for medibles.


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