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The “Raw Food Diet” traces back to the late 1800s when a doctor discovered he could cure his own jaundice by eating raw apples. The diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds, and herbs in their whole natural state. Cooking or heating food destroys its nutrients and enzymes making food toxic. While the health food craze is always on the rise, only recently have we seen raw medibles become available to the average patient. Healthy High Edibles is one of those edible companies leading the forefront of the healthy edibles explosion, being one of very few companies to offer raw, vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free edibles.

The creator of Health High Edibles became a vegetarian at 14 years old and learned to cook and bake for himself, and that was his gateway to raw and vegan food. He felt compelled to educate himself on the subject. Starting out as an artist and musician, he became aware of the agricultural global impact and economic health of our society. He soon transitioned into a health and wellness expert in Los Angeles to help others, including celebrities like Woody Harrelson, transition into a raw or vegan lifestyle. He noticed that there was a lack of healthy edibles in the medical marijuana world, and he feels like a revolutionary and is happy to be part of a cannabis movement in the United States. He had a dog with cancer and treated him with CBD oil knowing CBD is effective in treating tumors and brain tumors. The treatment improved his dog’s health while he was still alive, as chemotherapy for his dog wasn’t an option.

Medible Feature Healthy High Edibles

For the last two years, Healthy High Edibles has been making ground-breaking edibles that are actually healthy for you. No more do you have to consume your medicine in a fatty or sugary manner. You can eat Healthy High Edibles as a part of a healthy diet and incorporate them into a viable weight loss regiment. These edibles were not created equal: they were created to fit in with a raw food and vegan diet. Healthy High Edibles are made with coconut oil, an amino acid-containing oil that is said to be even healthier than its olive cousin. The coconut oil infusion creates a quicker, faster acting, and cleaner delivery of the medicine.

Their edibles menu includes macaroons, cheesecakes, peanut butter chocolate bars, chocolate truffle cakes, and ice creams, to name just a few of the delicious but health conscious items. The unfortunate misconception is that a vegan edible won’t taste good, but with natural agave sweetener and organic high-grade chocolate, Healthy High Edibles’ menu is packed with flavor and medicine. But if you’re rather skip sweet and head right for savory, don’t worry: not all their edibles are raw cooked edibles are also available. Healthy High Edibles were truly a treat to test and review. They’re light and healthy, don’t leave you feeling weighed down, and are extremely potent.

Remember: medicate with caution. We always recommend eating half or less of an edible and then waiting at least an hour to see if you feel like you need to medicate more.

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