Heavenly Baked – Berry Crunch Treat

The Heavenly Baked Berry Crunch Treat contains 300 mg THC and is recommended as 30 doses. Their tagline is elevate your expectations and they are packaged in a clear easy to open plastic container. This won’t fly under the new Auma Regulations around child safety in 2018, but I don’t mind how easy it is to open or how appealing it sounds to eat this cereal treat. Sugary Berry Colossal Crunch pressed together into a rice crispy shaped and sized treat, lines of frosting drizzled across the top, it’s about the size of my palm. They say it’s not for rookies on the label and this is a treat strong enough for a whole party. The label says it’s lab tested and to wait 2 hours to feel effects. It contains White Chocolate chips and cream so it isn’t for the lactose intolerant.

I opened it up to a pretty delicious smell during a small writing party and everyone remarked that the room filled with a yummy candy treat aroma. I cut it in half and cut that piece in half three more times, so my dose should be just over 9 mg. It tastes pretty good, but you can tell immediately that it is strong as the weed taste smacks you in the face, you know this treat is medicated.

Saccharine sweet and chewy, I slowly ate my sliver of the berry crunch treat. It’s not a sophisticated edible, it’s old school junk food with the vibe it was designed for the hungry stoner. It screams munchies, so you do need to be careful about over dosing yourself. I ate it around 8:00 and by 8:25 I was warming and cheering up as well as working on a glass of wine and a plate of cheese. By 9:00 pm I’m feeling mellow and positive; wondering if I want to have one more piece and bump up my dose to just under 20 mg, but I’m going to wait it out like it says for 2 hours. I haven’t wanted to smoke so I know it definitely working on me. By 9:45 I’m not as medicated as I could be so I take the second piece.

Content, happy, and relaxed. I made my way home, letting the second dose do it’s magic. We will see how I end up sleeping and how relaxed my body feels when I wake up.

Darcy Thompson

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