HEAVENLY SWEET MEDIBLES Heavenly Baked – Maui Wowie Krispie Bar – (Sativa 147mg)

Heavenly sweet medibles

The Heavenly Baked Maui Wowie Krispie Bar by Heavenly Sweet Medibles is a far cry from your average infused rice crispy treat. While super yummy, it’s not low calorie! The recommended dosage is 3-4 bites to get started, depending on your tolerance you might need more to feel the effects on this one. While you can taste the medication, it definitely left a chill, relaxed feeling. This particular bar has a Sativa infusion, so while all edibles take on a “body high” type feeling (because the THC is absorbed through the lower G.I. tract), you may notice that it still leaves you functional rather than couch locked like a Hybrid or Indica edible would. We recommend this one to anyone with a sweet tooth who isn’t fond of the gummie candies or items that need to be refrigerated. Beyond the extra points on being strain specific (we love Maui Wowie!), Heavenly Sweet Medibles takes their Maui Wowie Krispie Bar presentation to the next level. In addition to the sensual flavors of coconut, marshmallow, and toasted macadamia nuts, the krispie bar is covered and dipped in white chocolate, then drizzled with dark chocolate, and then topped with more toasted macadamia nuts. Who needs a fruity cocktail on the beach when you can take this staycation with you anywhere.

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