How-To Talk Cannabis With Your Parents & Grandparents

How To Talk To Your Grandparents About Cannabis

Instead of the birds and the bees, we’re talking CBD & trees…

As cannabis is no longer condemned to the shadows, more and more people are beginning to understand the true medical benefits it possesses. However, the stigma of “reefer madness” still remains in the minds of baby boomers. The younger generations are much more open to using cannabis and are now wondering how to get their parents and grandparents on board.

Below we have offered up some helpful tips to bring up the cannabis conversation with your family.

Step 1: Choose an appropriate situation to bring it up

Before just blurting out statements about cannabis in a family situation, gauge how they feel about cannabis. If you have never had the discussion begin by asking about their feelings or experiences with cannabis. You might be surprised by their opinions or stories! If they are against the idea then this will help to decide how to approach it with them.

Step 2: Know the facts and be receptive to what they have to say

Though we live in a society where information about cannabis is readily available, this has not always been the case. Previously there has been so much misinformation released surrounding the plant that older generations have been force-fed throughout their entire lives.

Instead of trying to make them understand your point of view, try to understand theirs. If they are against the idea of the use of cannabis listen to their perspective and then hit them with the facts. No matter what the response from your family surrounding cannabis, the one thing that cannot be argued is the truth. Explain the history behind cannabis prohibition and the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Show them the trials done prior to that, and explain the true benefits of hemp and cannabis. DO YOUR RESEARCH, and demystify the fallacies.

Step 3: Explain everything. Explain the differences between Medical MJ and Adult Use

Explain what the endocannabinoid sytem is and how cannabinoids interact with your body. Explain the differences between THC and all other medicinal properties that cannabis possesses. Explain that you can indeed use cannabis without getting high. Explain the natural medicinal benefits the plant possesses. Show them success stories. Explain how cannabis has bettered your life.
Step 4: Introduce them to cannabis infused topicals

The easiest way to bring someone into cannabis is through the use of topicals. Since everyone experiences pain as they get older, offer your family members cannabis infused topicals. There are balms, salves, lotions, patches, you name it there is something on the market that can help everyone. If your family is not comfortable with THC infused lotions, even after explaining that topicals do not get you ‘high’ – you may want to try a CBD topical instead. This will still provide the desired healing effects.

Step 5: Keep them informed and make it personal

The cannabis conversation will not likely be one conversation. It may be a process to get them to come around to the idea. Make sure you keep them informed. Send them information about how marijuana helps specific ailments that may afflict them and others they know, and try to send articles from reputable sources like the National Institute of Health. Show them the irrefutable proof, make it easy for them to relate and keep the channels of communication open. Be there to answer questions and never make them feel silly about asking questions. Good luck!

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