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“I really feel that being a woman in this industry is powerful and that we have the capability to connect on a much deeper level, than say the men do – I am a sativa girl!”

THE CANNABIS GODMOTHER – Keiko Beatie is one of those unsung heroes. She does not own a ginormous company nor does she create edibles, but the words cannabis and Keiko have become synonymous. Keiko first came into the industry because she saw the need to help the patients through activism, education and spreading awareness. Keiko has so many great tidbits of advice; if you don’t know her, you need to.

She explained to me that she has been utilizing cannabis in health for years. According to her, “I always knew that cannabis was a medicine and through my studies of holistic and Ayurveda medicines, I knew that plant matter had something that connected more with the body’s tissues. I knew that we have endocanabinoid systems and there are cannabinoids within the cannabis plant. I also knew that if we flooded the body with good enzymes from a plant, then we would have a chance to have it be whole and well again.” What means so much to her is sharing with those in need about how the plant may assist in better health and alleviating serious ailments and diseases. Keiko feels honored to have had many success in fighting cancer, epilepsy, PTSD and many other health issues.

Keiko is involved in several outreach programs and organizations. She is one of those people that embody the spirit of the industry. She is always there to lend a helping hand or ear. Pre-cannabis she worked in the surf and music industry curating film, art and music for major surf film festivals, museums and events throughout the world. She is inspired by music, art and film and worked with such groups as Van Halen and The Police, the last film she worked was the surf film, A Deeper Shade of Blue.

She explained how she has reacted to anyone who feels like she cannot do something because she is a woman, “If anyone has thrown any shade, I ignore it. It can be challenging, but I try to let go of anybody who puts any blockages towards women. I feel that we are all human beings and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman. I think all of us as a team should be able to move forward and assist the out-reach for cannabis.”

Keiko goes on to describe what it has been like to be a woman in the cannabis industry and why it is way may be able to connect more deeply than men; “I love the women in this industry, because we are all around a female flowered plant and we are all stimulated by the compassion it has to offer as well as what it offers to us as individuals. I love men, I gave birth to one – but I do feel that women connecting, women respecting each other and reaching out is much more of a strong force than us working against each other. This is a female plant, so the energy it has to offer us is so powerful.”

With a varied and diverse background, Keiko consults with delivery services and had created a successful collective in Southern California with a partner. Her background is in Ayurvedic, Chinese and Holistic medicines. She has knowledge in midwifery, acupuncture, herbology and rebirthing and was the third person in the US to have a baby born underwater. Keiko is a Vegetarian Chef and worked in a top Orange County and Santa Cruz Vegetarian restaurants. Keiko also assisted in creating the first cannabis TV Network, the US Weed Channel, is the Co-Host at Hemp Radio and has done on camera reporting for Cannabis Financial Network and other outlets. She also works with Women Grow OC and is a board member for OC Norml. Keiko is a writer for Edibles Magazine and other cannabis publications, is a producer for the new film, The Secret Life of Trimmers and founder of West Coast Cannabis Film Festival.

Lastly, Keiko had some amazing advice for young entrepreneurs, “Believe in yourself. Know what you want to do, see your goal and reach out to others. You have nothing to lose. It just takes one step and don’t let anyone’s ‘no’ falter you because you know what, there could be 10 yes’s right behind there. Be true to yourself. Be true to others. And always feel that through this plant we can grow a lot of love and positivity.” She has a goal and personal mantra for the community and industry “Acceptance and legalization through education, outreach and partnership.”

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