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Edibles Magazine Letter from The Editor Issue 26

Moving into my favorite month of the year (my birthday month), we bring you Tommy Chong! I’m elated to put this issue out, as many changes have taken place.

It has always been our mission to put hemp and cannabis education out there. I never dreamed in my life that I would one day be sitting in Tommy Chong’s backyard, poolside chatting it up about music, dancing and cancer… with Tommy Chong himself.

You’ll notice in this issue we have moved to a new national format as we expand and prepare to move to newsstands. Without further adue, I would like to introduce our new Creative Director at Edibles List Magazine, Wendy Lea Rall. She’s well-known as the co-founder of Planeta Surf, the first Mexican surfing magazine, where she worked as the Creative Director for 10 years. Wendy has now bonded her love of design with her love of cannabis, launching Budd Branding, a boutique design studio.

It is my great pleasure to step away from the design of the magazine and spend more time advocating for cannabis reform and continuing to give patients and businesses what they want and need in this industry, reliable information, a distribution channel and quality networking events.

We are still so far away from the proper regulation we need to make cannabis a legitimate, viable industry. While many join the bandwagon for the money and greed, there is still the need for altruistic intent.

I always thought it was ironic that the lies about cannabis began with controlled media, and that is precisely the way we seek to end the prohibition of cannabis. The evidence blatantly stares us in the face everyday. We must choose to share the knowledge, research and evidence we find with our friends, family and neighbors. Every conversation is an opportunity to educate.

I can not tell you how many people don’t even know that you can consume cannabis-derived CBD (cannabidiol) without getting high. One of the articles I’ve been wanting to print for a while now, featured in this issue, is the actual CBD patent, which is owned by the United States government.

How is it that the Federal government on one hand says that cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug and has NO medical benefit whatsoever, yet the Federal government owns the patent on CBD and owns the rights to all usage of its medical benefits as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant.

If cannabis has no medical benefit, then how and why does the Federal government still issue medical marijuana joints (300 monthly) to 2 surviving members of a 1970’s new drug program?
… a drug program that came out the EXACT same year as the Controlled Drug Substance Act.

I’m just saying, the evidence is out there. We must choose the truth and not allow ourselves to be lied to. I made it my mission to help educate the world about infused products and the health benefits of marijuana. Every month we bring to you news, testimonials, legal updates and everything cannabis. But if you do the research yourself, just a couple Google searches bring undeniable light to a subject that has had darkness surrounding it for nearly a century.

It’s time to end the lies. The government is going to reschedule cannabis for their own monetary gain. But when that happens, who will be able to deny the many amazing properties of this healing herb?

We must not get too comfortable, there is still work to be done. It’s an exciting time to be a part of as we work together to change history forever.

As always, we value and appreciate your continued readership.

B. Le Grand, Editor-in-Chief, Edibles List Magazine

~B. Le Grand (aka) Bo Nicole Capener, Editor in Chief

Letter From The Editor Edibles Magazine Tommy Chongs Backyard B Le Grand and Keiko Beatie

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