Medible Feature: The New SensiChew Vitamin Family

Sensi Products has done it again! Known for their consistency, potency and professionalism, they have created a new line of chews called the Sensi Chew Vitamin Family. The Vitamin Family Chews are fruit and nut chews, each meant to target specific health needs. The three new chews are: Immunity, Antioxidant, and Power. Each of these come in a single dose, 25mg bar, and carefully formulated with specific vitamins and minerals to achieve the desired effect.

The Sensi Chew Vitamin Family addresses three targeted health areas; boosting the immune system, protection from free radicals, and athletic endurance and recovery. Though the FDA does not recognize cannabis as a supplement or vitamin, studies have shown it alleviates certain symptoms, and in congruence with vitamins like Zinc and Omega 3, these chews are most definitely something that will be highly beneficial to your body.

Sensi Chew Immunity is a medicated
fruit and nut caramel chew infused with organic Omega-3, Vitamin C and Zinc. This formulation is specifically meant to boost your immune system. Omega-3 is essential to your body, but it cannot make them, they must be consumed via food. Vitamin C is a necessity in cell growth and regeneration and your immune system relies heavily on Zinc. When I first opened the package, the bar reminded me of Sensi’s Mahjoun; I love the Mahjoun! The chew is soft, but has some harder textures from the nuts. The cannabis taste is definitely prevalent, but is more subdued than the regular Sensi Chews.

The Sensi Chew Antioxidant is infused with organic Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This formulation helps protect the body from formation and elimination of free radicals caused from stress and toxins. Free radicals are atoms that cause cell damage, which can lead to severe illnesses. These antioxidant enriched chews will help to keep free radicals under control. All

three chews are similar in taste and texture, but I actually prefer the taste of this one to the rest. The cannabis flavor is much more milder than the others.

A medicated nut caramel chew infused with organic Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Potassium. These vitamins are present in several superfoods and are extremely necessary in preserving your health. I really liked this bar overall. These new chews allow for a very clean high and due to the lower dose they are great for daytime medicating! Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to baked goods and gummies and the trend is only going to continue. These bars are only 80-100 calories and are packed with nutrients!

Sensi Products is an industry leader and this new line clearly solidifies that notion. Keep it up Sensi, you guys rock! For more information about Sensi Products and The Sensi Chew Vitamin Family, visit or call (408) 307-3666.


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