Medible Safety: The Kitchen Safe

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We are two years into the country’s “social experiment” with legalizing cannabis in Colorado and Washington, and we are still dealing with the controversy of the safety of edibles. California is just shy of being medically legal for twenty years. It’s safe to say, cannabis infused edibles are not going anywhere, and now account for 50% of the market share.

We started Edibles Magazine with the intent to put knowledge, news, information and the laws out there for our readers. We always hear news about children being hospitalized because of cannabis infused edibles, but we never hear about how low that number is compared to all the other reasons children and pets go to the emergency room.

The truth is, regardless of state regulation for edible packaging, if a patient or recreational user leaves an edible out of its original childproof package, they are at fault if their child or dog inadvertently consumes it.

Our mission is to spread the word: Medible safety is user responsibility. In an effort to dispel any negative perception of edibles, we reached out to The Kitchen Safe, a product seen in late November 2014 on Shark Tank, Season 6: Episode 10.

The Kitchen Safe is the world’s first time-lock container designed to help people avoid junk food and other temptations. Simply place an item in the Kitchen Safe, close the lid, and set the timer. Once the timer is set, and the button is pressed, you have a 5 second countdown to cancel before being locked out. The safe remains locked until the timer reaches zero. The Kitchen Safe has no built-in overrides or secret backdoors, once it’s locked, it’s locked. The timer can be set in one-minute increments for up to 10 days.
The Kitchen Safe has been so successful, they are producing a next generation product called kSafe, that is operated by a phone app. In March of this year, less than three days after launching their Kickstarter campaign for kSafe, they cruised past their $50,000 goal with 450 backers. A research proven system that turns temptation into motivation, kSafe empowers people by helping them to achieve goals that they may have previously struggled to complete. Connected via the kSafe app, its personal enhancement abilities are endless and can be applied to a variety of everyday situations.

Constructed with high quality materials and available in white opaque, black opaque and white translucent, kSafe can hold TV remotes, games controllers and tablets as well as heaps of snacks. Controlled through Bluetooth and a low energy electronic lock, there are absolutely no overrides.

Some kSafe usage examples for behavioral goal changes are unlocking after the user has taken a certain number of steps or covered enough distance, unlocking after the user has checked-in to a location such as a gym or school, or unlocking at certain times of the day, week, month, or after a timer expires.

While there are obviously many creative uses for The Kitchen Safe, the reason we are standing behind this product and promoting it is to spread awareness about edible safety. Lock up your edibles, whether that’s in a Kitchen Safe or any other lockbox stored away from children and dogs.

As this movement is being dubbed Prohibition 2.0, we can liken cannabis to alcohol in the sense that you wouldn’t leave bottles of liquor out for a child or dog to get into. In order for our country to fully accept the legalization of marijuana we must act together to rebrand cannabis collectively. Let’s be adults and medicate responsibility, which includes being accountable for your edibles.

The founders at Kitchen Safe have been kind enough to offer our readers a special discount. Use coupon code “EdiblesMagazine” at check-out on their website to receive 10% off your entire purchase.

In addition to using the Kitchen Safe for your edibles, it can also be used for your bud flowers. David W., a Kitchen Safe cannabis user says, “It’s amazing. Has helped me cut down smoking weed to after seven in the evening only. Saving loads of money. Thanks Kitchen Safe.”



10% Off Coupon Code “EdiblesMagazine”


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