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“The women get it, the boys are just beginning to.”

THE CARING CBD SPECIALIST – Meghan Graham is the Owner of GEMM Farms, a hemp CBD Company based in Oregon. She explained how she go into the industry “My mother-in-law has always been a medical marijuana patient since the inception of the OMMP. In the beginning, she had little luck finding a reliable and consistent grower. So, in August 2010, when I was 8 months pregnant with twins, we got our first clones and she assigned us as her official growers. It was until 2013, that we decided we’d like to make a business out of it and thus, GEMM Farms was born.”

Her husband had to have a complete knee replacement in 2014 and they did not want him to have to take opiates, so they went to a local clinic and learned how to make topicals. They shared it with her mother-in-law and other patients. They received such amazing feedback that they new they were on to something and continued to push forward.

She described her passion and what drove her into the industry, “We keep it really close to helping the patients. My patients are my influence. How can I best help them? Let’s grow some great weed. Let’s make them brownies and topicals!”

Her explanation of what it was like to be a woman in the beginning versus now was pretty spot, “At first it was kind of like knocking on the door of a boys club. Now, as it’s progressed everything has changed, it’s welcoming. We are beginning to find like-minded people and it has been very rewarding.” Megan also went on to explain how she feels that if the women in this industry continue to support one another they will go far because they have business skills as well as the nurturing side of being a woman.

If you would like more information about Megan Graham or GEMM Farms please go to:
IG: @gemmfarm
Facebook: /goodearthmm
MassRoots: /Gemm

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