Mystery Baking Co. Brownies 300mg

Edibles Magazine Reviews Mystery Baking Co Almond Brownie

Hope you can handle 300mg because it is nearly impossible to not finish one of these Mystery Baking Company Cannabis-Infused Brownies once you start. I had the Almond version. The brownie was dense and cakey with just enough fudgeness to satisfy all my  sweet teeth. The almonds added a nice crunchy texture. The brownies are large enough to break into smaller pieces for those who need a lower dose but still give you a sweet treat. They pair with all kinds of yummy stuff like ice cream or milk. I spread a bit of the Mystery Baking Company Peanut Budder on mine and yes yes yes it is a good idea. 

Edibles Magazine Reviews Mystery Baking Co Almond Brownie 2

I have had my fair share of the other brownies available since we went medical here in the great state of Oklahoma. These have the best flavor and taste by far! You get a hint of the medicine used but the chocolate is much more powerful. Even after finishing I don’t recall a medicine-like or concentrate aftertaste or coated tongue feeling later. I suppose the mystery in Mystery Baking is how they pull that off. I appreciated that the brownie was wrapped in its own plastic. They offer their 300mg brownies in 4 awesome flavors, Original, Double Chocolate Chip, Cosmic and Almond. In the past I have had broken pieces and crumbs stuck in corners that I had wrangle out of the package which always leaves me feeling remiss about lost (food) love.  Mystery Baking Company always has me wanting more of their awesome products. No disappointments from this brand. Go find their stuff, you’ll love it! 

Log on to www.MysteryBaking.com for more information about their other products and locations on where you can find them. 

By Juniper Martaczech

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