PDX Allows Passengers to Fly with Marijuana

Imagine being able to walk through the airport with a joint in your bag without being afraid that the not-so-happy TSA agent will tackle you. Well, if you are traveling in Oregon you will experience this exact situation. After only one week of cannabis being legal Portland International Airport (PDX) is now allowing recreational marijuana on flights within the state.

Passengers over 21 years old are permitted to fly with up to 1 ounce of marijuana, but cannot leave the state. Even if they are going to another legal state like Washington, it is not permitted.

KPTV reports that if a TSA agent finds cannabis on you, they will notify Port Police who will then verify your age, your destination, and that you do not possess anymore than the legal limit. If you are traveling out of state you will be asked to leave the checkpoint and dispose of their cannabis.

TSA’s main task is to “detect threats to aviation security,” maintains the agency.


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