Product Review: Fuller Life Remedies Super CBD & Topicals

Product Review: Fuller Life Remedies Super CBD & Topicals

As we are all learning about the fantastic properties of cannabis, it is now realized how the impact of CBD is coming to light even more. With the Fuller Life Brand Super CBD the result and testimonials are truly astounding.

Fuller Life Remedies is finding so much joy and satisfaction in being able to assist those in need with their highly effective products. One of their most versatile items on their menu is the Super CBD Tincture. I’ve found the taste nice and mild, but it’s the results that have made an extreme difference in so many people’s lives. First off all, of the products that Fuller Life Remedies carries are manufactured in a laboratory clean room environment, with testing results on each of their products. Taken sub-lingually, a couple of drops at various intervals during the day. Fuller Life Remedies has helped me personally with extraordinary pain relief, and I know many patients have also been helped by these products, combating myriad of ailments.

A 34 year old female patient, who resides in Antelope Valley, has had ulcerative colitis for the past 15 years. Her symptoms involved her violently throwing up daily. We had her start with two drops three times during the day and four at bedtime. At this time, she is no longer vomiting and the abdominal pain has subsided drastically, her physician is impressed. Many cancer patients who have chosen to go through radiation or chemo are finding a quicker recovery after their treatments with taking the Super CBD as well. Another patient with multiple sclerosis has had movement come back to their left hand, and with less pain throughout the body. This is a great product with promise to medical cannabis growth, awareness and acceptance. Super CBD by Fuller Life Remedies.

Fuller Life Remedies also offers an effective topical Relief Balm of three different types: D9 Relief Balm, CBD Relief Balm and D9 CBD Relief Balm. In using the products we found the consistency of the balm was smooth and it spread on the areas easily and seemed to absorb into the skin quickly leaving no residue. The first balm we used was the D9 Relief Balm for a patient with acute joint arthritis in the knees. The ingredients are listed as naturally refined Shea Butter, Beeswax and Medical Cannabis Oil. After only 5 minutes, the 55 year old female was experiencing relief and southing feelings in her knees. She said that it took care of her pain for at least 8 hours and was appreciative for finding a product that worked so well.

The CBD Relief Balm and D9 CBD Relief Balm does very well with topical issues with healing and pain. With the infusion of the CBD in both of these products, the open sores and skin inflammation showed dramatic improvements within just two days.

Keiko Beatie
Senior Editor

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