Topical Feature: Cannabis Basics

Topical Feature: Cannabis Basics

Topicals are one of the best ways to introduce a “newbie” to cannabis. It relieves pain but it doesn’t get you high and it won’t show up in your bloodstream if tested. A great product line we recommend checking out is Ah Warner’s Cannabis Basics based in Seattle, Washington.

“The Remedy Pain Stick” is packaged in a convenient and easy-to-administer push stick. It is CBD, THC and terpene rich, while also infused with healing ingredients like arnica montana, aloe, shea butter, and Vitamin E. You simply apply locally to the where you are feeling pain and it helps your body heal naturally. Literally within minutes of using The Remedy Pain Stick my back and neck pain went away. This product is great for arthritis, psoriasis, headaches, multiple sclerosis, burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises and any other kind of physical pain or dermatological condition.

The Ink 20/20 Tattoo Stick is designed for fresh ink. If you’re a tattoo enthusiast like I am, you know that the most important care you take with your tattoos is in the first two weeks. If you don’t use the right moisturizers your tattoo colors will fade quickly and it will potentially become infected. Typically A&D lotion or Aquaphor are the two recommend immediate treatments for tattoos, for the first three days. With cannabis being a natural antibacterial and antiviral agent, it seems a wonder why someone hadn’t thought of tattoo salve before. We used Ink 20/20 on a fresh tattoo, and immediately noticed the difference in color, brightness and moisture when compared to using regular A&D or another antibiotic lotion. When used for the duration of the tattoo healing period (7-10 days), we noticed that the blacks stayed black and didn’t fade at all. Additionally, as a topical analgesic, anytime the tattoo was itchy or peeling the itch went away when Ink 20/20 was applied. The only thing I wish is that I had this Ink 20/20 Stick when I got all of my tattoos years ago!

Cannabis Basics has a commitment to quality and freshness, only producing in small batches. They buy locally and organically whenever possible, use only natural preservatives and they never test their topicals on animals. In addition to their premium cannabis flower cannabinoid line of topicals, Cannabis Basics also offers an organic hempseed oil line of beauty products.

To learn more about Ah, Cannabis Basics and their plethora of products visit


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