Trikom Treats Product Review

Trikom Treats Product Review

Trikom Treats has done it again! They have tweaked their recipes ever so slightly to create more potent and still great tasting edibles! As instructed by the packaging, I kept all products frozen. First, I decided to try the 150mg Chocolate Candy Brownie. It is a brownie with M&Ms mixed into it and on top. Keeping it frozen really made the M&Ms overpower the marijuana flavor. I took a quarter of the brownie (approximately 37.5mg) and it took roughly 45 minutes to kick in. I ultimately ended up with cotton mouth, so I advise to have some water on hand. It was a small price to pay for such a great high. It was a very “grateful’ high, as in I felt just grateful for everything that I had, but also took notice and inspiration from those around me not as fortunate.

I also really enjoyed the 225mg Cookies ‘N Cream Fudge as well as the 150mg S’mores Brownie. They also offer a 300mg chocolate chip cookie cut in half, the Caramel Cannabar (225mg) and the Loaded Lemon Bar weighing in at 300mg. Surprisingly enough the cannabis flavor is detectable, but not offensively overpowering even in the 300mg items. The onset is swift and lengthy, but not uncomfortably so. Trikom Treats has been doing a fantastic job and has just proven that they are only getting better at what they do. We truly can’t wait to see what comes next from this awesome company!

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