Xzibit’s LOL Taffy Edible Review

Xzibit's LOL Taffy Edible Review

In this review we will take a close look at LOL Taffy. I was given the two most popular flavors to try, Grape Berry and Tropical Punch, their two best selling flavors, and we know why! There are only a few different taffies on the market, but I will do my best to give you an idea of what this product is like so that there are no surprises.

Nearly all of the taffy I’ve tried in the past has been on the light side when it comes to potency. This is the primary thing that differentiates LOL Taffies from all others. Their taffies come in two different potencies 40mg and the double dose 80mg. I tested out the double dose and with that said, please proceed with caution.

My first impression of the grape flavor was that of nostalgia. I had an immediate flashback of riding my bicycle to the local store for a six pack of Now and Laters. LOL’s grape taffies are not too sweet and have a little bit of tartness. If you are sensitive to the taste of medicine you may be able to detect some, but it is not at all overpowering or unpleasant.

The Tropical Punch was the other flavor I tried. The flavor was exactly as I would expect tropical punch to taste like. Both flavors have a complexity to their tastes. For instance, the tropical punch initially taste exactly how you would imagine, but then you are a hit with the second profile that’s more like a sweet-and-sour candy. That complexity provides an excellent experience for someone who likes complex flavor.

Both flavors were delicious, and the candy as a medicine is extremely potent. That nice little package allows me to have my medication, and candy too. I thoroughly enjoyed LOL Taffy and you I think you would too! Ask for them at your local dispensary today.

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