Yummi Karma – Infused Sauces & New Infused Chips

Breaking News: We have an Edibles List approved vendor that you have check out! If you haven’t come across their products yet, watch out because Yummi Karma is coming in hot!

CEO Krystal Kithara is a young entrepreneur, who after graduating with a business degree started several small businesses, interned at a marketing agency, and even worked in corporate media, as an account executive. Shortly thereafter, she realized there was a way for her to impact the world, through cannabis, and thus, Yummi Karma was born.

She saw a need in the market and realized she was just the person to fill it. Yummi Karma focuses on products that are unique and favored by women. By using this approach, Yummi Karma is quickly making a name for themselves.

The brand is determined to bring the highest quality products to patients and strives to help change the face of cannabis. Kithara is adamant about being part of the cause; she is a supporter of Women Grow, an organization that empowers women in the industry and even donates of portion of their proceeds to organizations dedicated to making our industry better and safer.

Yummi Karma offers a full line of savory edibles, something that is severely lacking in this business. Coming from someone who does not have a sweet tooth nor wants to consume 3,000 calories in one sitting, to receive the desired effects of my medicine, I could not have been anymore excited when a bottle of infused salad dressing came across my desk for the first time.

Their savory line currently consists of two salad dressings; Balsamic Vinaigrette and Asian Sesame, as well as a full line of sauces; Honey BBQ Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Hot Sauce and Sriracha Sauce. The BBQ sauce is by far my favorite, and is just as good as (arguably better than) any mainstream BBQ sauce. It is both sweet and smoky, think more Sweet Baby Ray’s than Jack Daniels.

As opposed to most edibles on the market, there is only a hint of the cannabis flavor, not enough to overpower the flavor in the sauces. This is something extremely attractive to those who may be just starting with cannabis or even folks like myself who hate the taste of it – shh, don’t tell my bosses I don’t like eating weed!

I wouldn’t want to forget about YK’s hot sauces either. Being from Southern California, I can handle the heat and am a natural skeptic when given any new hot sauces; however, I did really enjoy both the Sriracha sauce and hot sauce. While the Sriracha sauce is more flavorful, the heat is subtle, whereas the heat of the hot sauce has a quick onset and lingering flavor. On my personal hot sauce Richter scale, I’d rate the Sriracha sauce at – 4 and the hot sauce – 6.5.

Yummi Karma has also recently extended their savory product line to include – drumroll please – INFUSED POTATO CHIPS! I hope all of you are as excited about this as I am! I mean, who wouldn’t be excited about potato chips, but these are infused potato chips, that come in Salt & Pepper as well as Sriracha flavors. These are not like the bag of Lays you get at the market. My taste buds danced as I put a visibly hand-cut chip into my mouth.

The Sriracha chips are obviously nothing short of amazing, but it was the salt & pepper chips that were perfectly seasoned and delectable (and green).

In addition to the aforementioned products, Yummi Karma has added another not so savory, yet still not sugary-sweet product, Apple Crisps. These delicious dehydrated apples are dusted in cinnamon and are the perfect on-the-go snack for anyone. Not too sweet, but they are a healthier alternative to the usual infused baked goods.

Yummi Karma was created to fill a very apparent gap in the market and clearly they are accomplishing that feat, and then some. As far as we can tell, this company will only continue to grow and succeed. This brand is spot on from everything including packaging to flavor and I am personally eager to see what comes next from this zesty company!

Spoiler Alert: Yummi Karma is launching a female-geared collection called Canna Girls by Yummi Karma. This line will feature topicals and tinctures specifically formulated to help women! Ladies, trust me when I say you should have gone out and picked up these new products, yesterday.

Cheers & Happy Medicating!

For more information about Yummi Karma and their latest products go to: www.YummiKarma.com Don’t forget to go to EdiblesList.com to check out more reviews and find your favorite marijuana infused edibles.


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