Coastal Cannabis Expo Adventures

Coastal Cannabis Adventures USA CBD EXPO Issue 57

Coastal Cannabis Adventures Mystery Baking Spreads Issue 57

We’ve been able to get out some to some very cool events lately and it’s been both exhausting and exciting. The three cities we went to were: San Jose for The National Cannabis Industry Association, San Francisco for the Cannabis Drinks Expo, and Miami Beach for the USA CBD Expo. We did a soft launch for our new manufacturing and distribution company in the Bay. The Edibles Magazine team joined forces with The Mystery Baking Company and so we got new shirts, banners, tablecloths and everything. The menu we’ve developed so far is, Mystery Baking Vegan Gummies, Budease Vape Cartridges and Tinctures, Space Food Sticks Chocolate Energy Bars, and Love Potion 710: Love Tonic. Healthy High is coming soon and we had their uninfused puffed quinoa and dark chocolate treats available for attendees to try and people loved them. Hanging out in San Jose was super fun and our NCIA afterparty at The Firehouse Gastro-Pub was incredibly cool and a lot of great folks showed up. There was even an astronaut helmet. The Drinks expo was very informative. Mostly distilleries and brewing companies wanting to get into the cannabis market by creating thc infused versions of spirits or beverages and some of them were quite tasty. Next was Miami and that is a festive, hot, humid, rainy and beautiful city. The party on the street never seemed to stop in Miami. Our CEO, B Le Grand, was a keynote speaker at the USA CBD Expo and gave a presentation on “Launching a CBD Brand” that was well received by all. We also visited some smoke shops that carry back issues of Edibles Magazine. We didn’t meet Pitbull, but we met ‘a’ pitbull and he was really cute. 

Coastal Cannabis Adventures Tranqwl Salves Issue 57

It’s mind-blowing how big the CBD industry is now, and to see it at an event that far outside of California was enlightening. There was a gymnastic dance squad in matching spandex doing onstage, acrobatic choreography for three solid days giving away hemp infused energy drinks, tee-shirts, and branded trucker hats. We heard Will Smith’s song, “Wild Wild West”, multiple times a day, every day that we were there. It was surreal but fun, and all-in-all it was an amazing couple of weeks and taking advantage of the Military Hospitality Lounge in the Miami airport really changed the game so I totally recommend them if you qualify — Thanks America. The Miami Airport also has a giant Flat Earth map and I don’t think we’d seen that in an airport yet. Next up — Hawaii and Oklahoma, so maybe we’ll see you there. 

Coastal Cannabis Adventures NCIA Issue 57


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