4th Annual Chalice Cup Heats Up In Victorville

4th Annual Chalice Cup Heats Up In Victorville

We have so many things to celebrate during the sunny summertime within the cannabis social community. But The Chalice Cup, taking place at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds, brings to the 420 community a competition that is far above any scrutiny as compared to other contests. A blind competition to where each product is given a number and the judges are free to test, consume and render their opinion on the level of hopeful excellence. None of these judges know who number 60 or 45 is, they just know they need to try each product and judge fairly. This occurs once all entries come back with a clean bill of testing from SC Labs.

What I learned while at the awards on one of the hottest, blazing days in Victorville, is that all entries are respected as a consumer product. If it isn’t up to the safe standards of regulated testing the entry is disqualified. An embarrassment to the manufacturer’s, cultivators and other categories as there were many DQ’s. It was a bit shocking as to hear that of the submitted pre roll category where 10 products of pre rolls were entered and only 2 were deemed clean enough to be tested by the judges! Wow what are they putting in Pre Rolls? King Louie The 13th was the winner and at $150 a package for 6 pre rolls I do admit it was a nice J, but I would have to think about before I indulge $25 per pre roll.

The edibles came through with only 1 brand being DQ’d, out of 17 entries. The big winners were Uncle Ronnie’s Beef Jerky was a major award winner of many of the consumer events! Overall Winner was Utopia Farms Vanilla Macaroons from Santa Cruz, Ca. This macaroon is well packaged, tested, dosed and of course very tasty. Utopia Farms has a new item on the menu, a Peanut Butter Macaroon, at 50 mg a cookie, it is so moist and all I wanted was a cold glass of almond milk to go with my Non GMO, Vegan peanut butter yumminess. Speaking with the brand I found them to be very focused on creating edibles that were clean, healthy and most important delicious. Both of these edibles are excellent, be on the lookout for them at your local dispensary.

As for flower, the top of the charts were Jungle Boys and Nameless Genetics. On many categories they both cleaned up with great flower and lots of respect. This desert Chalice Cup was also highlighted by the creative glass artists. Many of the top names were there to share their latest creations and share the newest glass products. With Dap Bars galore attendees were treated to infusing abundance with top quality shatter, wax and rosin. I met many people that were first timers to a cannabis consumer event. It was a summer festival with the fantastic musical guest, best products, vendors, guests, glass artists and overall a good time for all!

Other notable winners were Val’s Organics who in the topical division had multiple awards. With his balms and tinctures of CBD, I was feeling good to meet a heartfelt healer in the midst of dabs and fresh flowers. Mary Jane’s Juice had a carbonated juice drink and I had to stop myself from wanting to guilt this refreshing drink. My skills on micro dosing were put to the test as I turned down a glass of the fruity, bubbly Mary Janes Juice. In the distillate category Gold Drops took home the big prize and Vapes Nameless Genetics, for Best Solvent, Panacera with their X Luxe X Hive blew the hard working judges away. Nameless Genetics was also noted for the 1st Place Vape and 1st Place CBD. Not to be outdone, another brand to be highlighted is The Jungle Boys, who won Best Overall Flower!

I had the pleasure of visiting the Jungle Boys tent and I seriously felt like I wasn’t cool or hip enough to be in there. It was the cannabis version of a Green Studio 54, with the beautiful, trendy, ultra-exclusive, and oh so suave’ people chilling and getting into the great music. But after a while this quiet, conservative, dorky, Asian girl from Orange County felt the positive vibes and the dedication of the Jungle Boys, how committed they are to the cultivation of good medicine. I saw my hero Jose M of Weed For Warriors with friends in the party tent, and I knew it was the place to be.

Doug and Bryan, the Chalice Cup coordinators work so hard to bring an amazing event that was enjoyed by close to 30,000 happy guests. With over 350 vendors this is truly one of the largest California Consumer events of the season. The music headliners were Ice Cube and Cypress Hill and they sounded amazing! With great amusement rides, amazing food trucks, educational cannabis groups, and hot people, (really HOT people) the Summer Chalice Cup blazed this year. Congratulations and thank you to The Chalice Cup for one of the best consumer Summer Festivals in California! For more information please

Keiko Beatie

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