New Legislation Might Make Veterinary Cannabis a Reality

New Legislation Might Make Veterinary Cannabis a Reality

While research has shown that Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has many health benefits for humans such as stress relief,anti seizure,and anti inflammatory properties, it has been said the same can be used for pets,Yet due to federal law CBD is categorized as a level one narcotic, Veterinarians find themselves stuck in a legal grey area when it comes to discussing and prescribing CBD to their four legged patients.

That was until San Jose Assemblyman Ash Kalra proposed Assembly Bill 2215, which would pave the way for the California Veterinary Medical Board to create guidelines that would make this conversation possible.”Right now, there is no guidance for veterinarians as for what they are able to do, so basically they are at risk of losing their license if they discuss cannabis with their patient owners,” said Kalra when asked about the bill. Assembly bill 2215 would also update current Cannabis laws that would allow products to be packaged with with clear labels and marketed for animal use. The bill has already met opposition, as its motion with the CVMB lost its first vote 4-2 and has recommended to members in their newsletter,”….without FDA approval, published dose ranges, and further research…it is considered unsafe for veterinarians to recommend marijuana to patients.”Other opponents of the bill are worried that if Vets are allowed to recommend cannabis,that risk for marijuana overdose will increase because of the lack of cannabis research and would be more agreeable to a bill that only allowed discussing CBD with patients.
Due to the current risk that Vets face while discussing cannabis related topics with their patients, Pet owners have very little information on what is acceptable to give to their pets. Some pet owners have made the mistake in giving their pets THC rich cannabis that can be dangerous to the animals blood pressure among other side affects. Which is why people like Dr.Tin Shu, founder of VETCBD, assures that with CBD there is no high and it is purely for medicinal purposes. A similar product called ElleVet Mobility chews was used in a recent study at Cornell University.The study showed that 80% of dogs that used the chews found tremendous improvements opposed to the dogs that received the placebo. Cornell Associate Professor and Veterinarian, Dr.Joseph Wakshlag led the study and said in a letter, “Over the past 8 months we have conducted a pharmacokinetic and clinical trial on the efficacy of ElleVet Sciences CBD preparation on Osteoarthritis. To date our findings have confirmed that their product is safe and efficacious for pain in dogs with osteoarthritis, chronic joint pain and geriatric pain and soreness with dramatic beneficial effects in our more geriatric patients.”

Though the test was only done on canines,the results bode well for all pets as new studies that will include other animals are coming soon,and while the road may have many more obstacles,we are one step closer to better treating our furry friends.

John Ryan

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