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Dear Gar, I can’t smoke and would like to find something in addition to edibles that I could use for pain to help with my severe neuropathy. Sheila, West Covina, CA

Hi Sheila, You are certainly on the right track. Topical preparations with high dosages of both THC and CBD have been shown to have excellent effects with neuropathy. Topicals are capable of relieving pain quickly, as well as improving blood flow to the area. Add a high quality lotion or salve to the area and massage gently. Apply as needed for relief. Keep using your edibles, but add a good infused topical lotion to your daily care for pain management.

Hey Gar, My job requires a lot of detail, so I need to know if I can use a topical without getting high at work. Dale, Medford, OR

Hi Dale, I get that question a lot. A topical is not processed by the body in the same way that it is by using edibles or smoking. Topicals work via the body’s natural CB2 receptors, which are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis. CB2 receptors work to reduce inflammation, whereas CB1 receptors control the psychoactive effect and are not found externally on the body. That makes infused topicals a great way to go for your pain relief at work or at home.

Dear Gar, I am 82 years old and just got a medical recommendation. My grandson said that I should try a topical on my hands for arthritis. Elvie, Salinas, CA

Dear Elvie, Your grandson is right. A topical cream, rubbed on your hands when they hurt, can provide amazing relief. There are many choices, but you should try finding one containing both THC and CBD. Try more than one if you need to. Find the ones you like that ease or stop the pain. It should bring you surprising relief with no side effects.

Gar Souders has been researching the effects and formulations of cannabis-infused topicals for over a decade. He is the founder of CannaTopics and also a member of several pro-cannabis organizations.

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