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Hi Gar, I just got back from the emergency room for what they determined to be a severely sprained ankle. It is swollen and already starting to turn purple. The problem is that I play collegiate basketball and want to minimize my downtime. I know that medical cannabis can be beneficial in healing, but what I need is more difficult. I need 1) to be able to test clean after using a product. 2) It cannot affect my thinking or reflexes 3) I don’t smoke or vape. If you know of anything that can help aid in my recovery, my teammates and I would be very grateful. Thanks, Sam Los Angeles, CA

Hi Sam, Glad to hear it was only a sprain, and not broken. The problem is that it’s still going to cause you a lot of pain and there is going to be swelling and bruising. The good news is that infused topicals can not only reduce the swelling and bruising, but will help with the pain as well. First, by using topicals, cannabinoids do not travel through the bloodstream, so you should be able to pass a simple blood or urine test with no problems. Secondly, infused topicals work with the body’s CB2 receptors and do not affect your mental or reflex abilities. You may forget that you used them at all until you realize that the pain is gone. By using topicals, there is no need to smoke or vape to relieve your pain, swelling and bruising. In your case, two different products come to mind. The first would be a first aid gel containing a high THC concentration. The second would be a high THC mousse that might penetrate your skin a little more quickly. Ultimately, choose whatever type of product that feels and works best for you. If your local dispensary doesn’t carry these products, ask them to get them for you.

Dear Gar, I have problems with red, blotchy skin on various parts of my body. Are there topicals out there for this problem? Linda FT. Collins, CO

Hi Linda, There are topicals that are made for troubled skin such as yours. Creams containing both THC and CBD are available at your dispensary. Look for a product that has proven to help conditions such as yours. Your budtender may be able to help you select the ones that apply to you.

Dear Gar, Can topicals help my age spots? Leon Rochester, NY

Hi Leon, Topical oils have proven a great way to fade age spots. Find a high THC cannabis oil made with natural ingredients and apply a thin coat daily to the spots.

Gar Souders, Founder CannaTopics
Gar Souders has over a decade of research into the effects & formulations of cannabis infused topicals. He is also a member of several Pro Cannabis organizations.

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