Hemp : The Superfood you’re Missing at the Supermarket

Hemp the Superfood

Have you noticed hemp at your local grocery store? Perhaps you saw a green six-leaved plant out of the corner of your eye and did a double take. Though it’s not legal to grow as a commercial crop in the United States yet, it’s easy to find quite a few hemp foods at your local supermarket. Why is hemp so good for you?

Hemp contains both Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, as well as naturally-occurring Super Omegas. It also has a high amount of plant protein, and is also gluten and allergen free. Read below where you can find some edibles that won’t have you testing postive:

Hemp seeds are a great source of protein and can be eaten whole, like those pictured here, or they can be shelled. They can be found in bulk, or as a yogurt topping, like in Chiobani’s Greek Yogurt Blueberry Power Flip. The seeds are also commonly ground into protein powder and bars –found at Trader Joe’s–and used in bread.

Hemp is made into milk when shelled hemp seeds are ground up and combined with water. This alternative beverage can be found alongside soy, almond and rice milks in many grocery stores.

Hemp oil contains the higest amount of essential fatty acids of any vegetable oil!

Hemp granola cereal and bars are easy to find in major grocery stores, usually in the natural section. Hemp seeds can also be added to any regular granola.

Yup, hemp is used in chocolates too! You can even tell yourself it’s sort-of healthy!

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