LA Judge Shuts Down Marijuana Delivery App

LA Judge Shuts Down Marijuana Delivery App

A federal judge in Los Angeles has ordered the shut down of the medical marijuana delivery app Nestdrop, which facilitated the delivery of patients’ medicine to their homes. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert O’Brien issued the injunction after City Attorney Mike Feuer sought to end the business’s practices, stemming from the “violation” of Proposition D, which limits the number of storefront dispensaries and explicitly bans delivery services.

Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher told the Los Angeles Times earlier this month, “Nestdrop is the technology platform that connects law abiding medical marijuana patients with local dispensaries to receive the medication that they need in a safe and secure manner.”

The Company has stated, “While we agree with certain aspects of Proposition D, we believe the prohibition on delivery services is unnecessary and enforcement is a misuse of taxpayer funds’” “In fact, delivery services minimize the need for storefront dispensaries in residential areas – a point of issue in Proposition D – as these services bring the medicine directly to patients, no matter the location.”

The city sued Nestdrop in hopes of preventing them from doing any further business in the area, as well as inhibiting any future plans along the same lines. Interestingly enough however, the app will continue to facilitate alcohol deliveries to homes while considering options how to operate in the medical marijuana industry as well.


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