Cover Feature: Medicated Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nothing screams summer like ice cream sandwiches, and July is National Ice Cream Month. The cold ice cream dripping down your chin with the sun beaming down upon your back. These two were made for each other. Now imagine that same summer day, lounging in the heat, without a care in the world, and think differently; think INFUSED ice cream sandwiches!

This month, our in-house staff at The Edibles List had a blast shooting the cover as we got the chance to work with and try two new great products on the market today. Our first encounter with
this phenomenal new craze was the Cannabis Creamery Ice Cream Company.

We got the chance to meet Issac, Founder of Cannabis Creamery, at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco. We had the opportunity and pleasure of watching this ice cream pro work to keep up with the line of patients eagerly waiting to try his flavors! Just picture 31 Flavors, on wheels! (Cannabis Creamery ad is located on the facing page.)

Now, take that infused ice cream you just stood in line for, and imagine how to make it even more extravagant. It’s a symbiotic pair when you combine medicated ice cream with two freshly baked cookies from Big Pete’s Treats, home of the pre-packaged, take-and-bake, infused cookie dough.

Big Pete’s Treats frozen medicated cookie dough is ready to bake as it’s packaged with pre-dosed rounds. This cannabis combination takes a mid summer ice cream sandwich recipe to the next level. The Edibles List team got the chance to try these cookies for the first time at the San Jose HempCon festival, where we were approached with a tray of warm, fresh out of the oven, cookies. The only complaint we have for Pete Jr. got milk? Maybe next time.

Big Pete’s Treats cookie dough is has just the right amount of chocolate chips per cookie. Their cookies are so good, you’ll find yourself craving just one more. Find out more about Big Pete’s Treats and where to find them on the ad below.

As for the team here at The Edibles List, photographing ice cream is a sticky job, but someone has to do it! To find out even more about these two infused products, along with so many other great edibles, go to www.EdiblesList.com And have fun this summer. As always, Medicate Safely!

Cannabis Creamery Ice Cream Company
@CannabisCreamerySF | isaaclappert@yahoo.com

Big Pete’s Treats:
BigPetesTreats.com | @BigPetesTreats





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