Medible Review: Nectar Stick Vape Cartridge

Medible Review: Nectar Stick Vape Cartridge

The Nectar Stick line by Elevated Medibles is definitely one to watch if you are an extract company! Nectar Sticks are premium quality vape pens, cartridges, refills and disposables made with award-winning solvent free nectar.

They offer multiple strains and we reviewed the King Tangie and Birthday Cake 600mg cartridges and the Nectar Stick Refill Dispenser, which contained 1.5g of premium grade Pineapple Nectar herbal extract.

The King Tangie is absolutely delicious! It tastes just like Tangie and it made me a little giddy. Please note that Tangie is my favorite strain, so much so that I could not help but suck on it until I emptied it. There was no burn and it did not make me cough, all I could do was smile. That is the kind of high I enjoy. It was smooth and delicious; they really knocked it out of the park with this one. I would have to give this one a 10!

The Birthday Cake cartridge was pretty good. However, there was a slight burn and the aftertaste of the actual oil that I was not so excited about, but the flavor was absolutely perfect. It really tasted like I was sucking on a birthday cake! They have absolutely got their flavor profiles down. This one I’d have to give an 8.0 because of the slight burn.

The Pineapple Nectar smells just like a fresh pineapple! It absolutely does not have that gross artificial pineapple smell or taste. Instead it really does smell like the ripest, juiciest, REAL pineapple is sitting right in front of you, it even tastes like it too! Wow, honestly the Nectar Stick folks know what they are doing. The products are effective and delicious and they might honestly turn this flower girl over to a vape girl! 9.5 for the Pineapple Nectar!!

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