Product Review: The Mota Pot

There’s a hot new company on the market making it easy for the patient or recreational cannabis user. Eat Cannibles brings you the Mota Pot. It’s essentially a mini pressure cooker that allows you infuse three to five grams of cannabis to one stick of butter, which is a quarter cup. We’ve heard of using crock pots or modified crock pots to get your infusion done within 2 hours or more, and other infusion methods like double boiling or sauteing still takes around 20 minutes.

The Mota Pot blows away all other infusion methods in terms of time and simplicity. You just pack in your ground up cannabis, place it in the metal strainer, pack in your butter (cut into half inch squares) into the bottom compartment and fill with water. Turn on the stove heat and when it starts to steam within five to ten minutes you have your infused butter ready to pour out. You let the mixture of butter and water solidify, and then strain out the water. Then you can use the cooled activated cannabutter for any recipe of your choosing. The machine consists of three chambers. The bottom chamber is where the butter topped off with water goes. The middle chamber is a filter-basket holding the cannabis, and sits within the bottom chamber. The top chamber, with a metal filter, screws onto the bottom chamber. When the pot is heated on a stove, the pressure  from the steam in the bottom chamber forces the infusion of butter and water through a tube in the filter-basket, through the cannabis, and it then funnels into the top chamber where the infusion is ready to pour out.

We were skeptical at first about the Mota Pot but found that the ease of it’s use was extremely convenient and more importantly the infusion we used was entirely  effective. In addition to it’s functionality, the break down and clean up required minimal effort. We give Eat Cannibles a thumbs up with the Mota Pot. They also offer ready to bake mixes where you just add eggs and your cannabutter and you’ve got a dozen infused cookies or brownies within 10 minutes. Eat Cannibles is a one stop shop for learning to make your own edibles. For more information check them out online at www.EatCannibles.com.

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