Vape Review: Incredibles Vapes

In this industry, vape pens are a dime a dozen, so we can agree you really need an exceptional product to stand out right? Well the folks over at Incredibles recognized this and set out to make a product truly worth raving about. Let’s start with the fact that they use 100% all natural, strain specific terpenes made by in-house cultivation specialists. The reason that’s great is because they know exactly which genetics their whole plant extracts material came from, and they can guarantee nothing artificial touched it. This really does make a difference when it comes to the end result, and making sure you can reproduce that result consistently each time. The oil has tested out at 150 mg, and with its beautiful honey like consistency and color, it’s easy to see how this pen won 2nd place in CO at High Times this year. I’m basically saying all of this to say that this pen is truly amazing. I have reviewed a lot of them and this one stands out for the smooth potent taste, look, and flavor. Make sure you go out and try one today.

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