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Edibles Magazine Reviews Cannaseur Extracts Scoops Badder

Juniper Martaczech

A fat dab of Cannasseur Extracts Scoops Badder hits you up front, spreading across the forehead down through the nose. After a long day of this, that and the other, a sudden head change was very much welcomed. This lovely sticky new friend from Cannasseur Extracts delivered just what the doctor ordered.  I could hear the people and music around me in those layers only a truly quiet mind can hear. Sweet voices and giggles mingling with the notes replacing the lyrics you’ve heard before. I needed this!

The thick claylike density of the Scoops Badder sticks to the end of the tool, making it easy to pick up a hefty little scoop to drop on some hot glass. The smooth clean flavor filled my mouth, lungs and nose with all the good feels of a better day, a bit of Linalool with Limonene too. Scoops is an Indica dominant hybrid the result of breeding Gelato, Cookies and Cream with Tina. The presence of CBD is definitely felt throughout the body, as I was relaxed from head to toe instantly. It is easy to see why this is a strain popular for insomnia. It slows and clears the mind, relaxes the body, and did quite the job on my anxiety. Scoops is also known to help with suppressed appetite. 

I highly recommend checking out this and more products from this Oklahoma processor whose products are popping up on shelves near you. The folks at Cannasseur Extracts make beautiful high quality products and this patient cannot wait to see what else is to come. 

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